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The backbone of the revolution is this Bleach Powder. It’s the key to unlock Mounir’s secret. It is the work of art to achieve the desired blond with minimal damage to the hair. The texture of the product is great for use with or without transparencies. A great product to help you become a Color Master and a valuable tool for transformers.


Ingredients: Potassium Persulfate, Ammonium Persulfate, Sodium,Metasilicate, Oryza Sativa, Paraffinum Liquidum/Mineral Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Magnesium Carbonate,Alumina, Tetrasodium EDTA, Ceteareth-25, Silica, Aluminum Stearate, CI 77007, Polyquaternium-10, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Lanolin Oil, Parfum Fragrance.

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The bleaching powder is something really important for me in order to achieve the results that I want, and I am super fussy regarding the quality.

Now I will talk about the powder that I made, its characteristics, its importance and how it can work for you. We all know the risks that we can face with the powder. Most powders in the market expand after 30 or 40 minutes. It overheats, becomes runny, gives uneven bleaching results or is even too strong that it breaks the hair.

Today, I solved all these challenges with my powder. The quality of the results was the driving factor and the most difficult thing in producing the powder for this line.


First, I wanted a powder that is gentle on the hair. We decreased the risks by about 99%.

I spent 20 years always paying attention to the hair of my BLEACHING POWDER clients to make sure that the powder didn’t expand or overheat, and the hair doesn’t get damaged.

You will have to try this powder and test the difference. I sometimes wish I had done this product 10 years ago; I certainly would have been now in even a much better place.

What is impressive about this powder is that it has a silky touch and feeling on the hair.

It extends and covers fast, it doesn’t become hot and it doesn’t expand. It gives you the color from top to bottom 100%. It is very smooth and gentle, and it gives you more leeway if it remains more time on the client’s hair.

I am using it on a hair damaged already and it is giving me amazing results. This should assure you. The ARKITEKT and the powder are revolutionary and they will have your back.

And I can see how much more productive and I am enjoying my work at the same time. I should draw attention to that. I, like everyone else, am always searching for safety in my work. The products that I use are my weapons.

It is really important today to know the weapons you are working with to protect yourself. This is what I have always been looking for.

Many times before, we used to face challenges and test different products.

We will talk about something really important concerning the methods of lightening. The method I use with the colors and the results I choose to deliver.

This is something really important for every hairdresser to know as this helps make our life easier.


I have three levels of lightening: orange, golden yellow and light yellow. Starting with orange. When I decide to tone on an orange level, I immediately agree with the client that I am going to caramel or hazel colors from the same level.


For orange lightening to go to caramel or hazel, I use from 5 to 7. If I go higher to 8/9/10, the result won’t be the same and I can face problems like remaining stains and the color won’t be the one I want.


I want a deep 100% hair coverage,I use between 5 and 7 to get the coverage and results. These are the same numbers used on orange levels.


If I use higher numbers like 8/9/10, the result won’t be the same and the color will fade and be patchy of course.
And something really important to note is that the result I aim for should be classy, beautiful and the color brightness should be pretty.


From 5 to 7, how much time do you leave it on the hair?


It depends on each level but in general for level 5, 6, or 7 it’s between 10-12 minutes maximum to get the result.
Of course, if you are using only the number 5 to obtain caramel or another color like 5.23, 5.32, 5.72; the 5 takes less time to deposit the color. Thus 5-6 minutes is enough.


The higher you go; it will take more time and this also depends on the desired level of color.


There are no rules to say that you should leave it 12 minutes to get caramel or 10 minutes to hazelnut.


It is critical to observe the color and assess the time. This is what I have been trained on and doing my whole life- to be able to assess and feel the right moment to remove the color.


Like say if you are doing the same toning with the same for-mula I am using, and you decide to remove it after 6 minutes because you like the tone but I leave it for 10 minutes instead.


That is fine, there are no rules. Just assess the right time. This depends on tastes and opinions.


I prefer to train my eyes and feelings to do so and this is why we created toners or bonbons de Mounir- to deliver these re-sults to hairdressers.


I am addressing professionals and the hairdressers who love the adventure, who love to be creative and enter an adventurous world. The world of colors. The world of Mounir.


So, I repeat that it is extremely important to train your eyes and feelings to know when to rinse the color or keep it longer. This is really important because even 1 or 2 minutes are important for the results.


Of course, you will leave number 7 in for a longer time?


This is normal because if we are doing a dark color, it is normal to tone with number 5 or 6 as it will give the color faster than number 7.


So we move to yellow?


The light yellow lightening levels are my playground and the levels I work with. It is rare that I work on white or yellow.


To get the clear and lucid results like shining grey or beige or violet beige or colors we see clear light in. I always work on light yellow not on white.


So why do I work on light yellow and not white in the formulas I choose?

Well first, when you lighten to white you remove all the gold or the red pigments from the hair, it becomes light.
If I tone with any color it will give me crazy, aggressive and strong colors.


I use most of the time the light-yellow lightening because first of all, I get a very enriched color by keeping natural pigment in the hair.

Then the color doesn’t fade out quickly from the hair. I rely on my formulas to work with the pigment in hair, in the light yellow bleaching levels. I also rely on my toners that are formulated to work with this level of bleaching.

Bleaching to light yellow helps me get the results that I want. The results will differ if bleaching to white , orange or yellow. The level of lightening is extremely important. Any formula you see me doing on Facebook or Instagram is based on light yel-low bleaching which is even and without orange.


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